Universal Salvation

I am adding this post from my blog RedLetterChristians to my favorites list as it had a profound effect on my spiritual life.

One of the most basic tenets in the Evangelical Community is the idea that everyone must be “saved” in order to get to heaven. I struggled with this concept for years before I came across the book If Grace Is True by Philip Gulley. He finally convinced me that that belief, at least as Evangelicals see it, is simply man-made. It is yet another rule that was put in place by others not from Jesus.

I struggled with the concept that if God loves all of his creation then how can he condemn the vast majority of us to an agonizing eternity. That concept made no sense to me. I know religious scholars have twisted around meanings to give validity to that, but it just goes against the very nature of a God of love. I understand that everyone must find their own spiritual path in life. I also realize that universal salvation is not part of the current mainstream doctrine. So, I am not trying to get you to change your mind of what your church teaches you. I just bring it up with a question you need to ponder.

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