My name is RJ Walters and I am the Facade Fanatic

Some people like to take pictures of their friends and family. Some like to take pictures of beautiful women. Sometimes they are one and the same but probably not often. Some travel the globe to take beautiful landscape pictures. Some prefer taking pictures of themselves. I am none of those people, I primarily take pictures of buildings, abodes, and other man-made structures. I love the form, function, and stories behind them.

 All my life I have had an obsession with the beauty of buildings. Even today in my 72nd year I can draw the floor plan for every house I have lived in, even the first one which we left when I was 4 years old!  I maybe should have taken a clue from this obsession to make architecture my career choice but I foolishly didn’t. Instead, I became an engineer and eventually went into information technology. I don’t regret the choices I made but always wonder how well I would have done in the architectural field?

It seems I have always been more able to relate to buildings than people. My Aspie traits make interactions with others somewhat cumbersome so I am pretty clumsy in social situations. I don’t have that problem when it comes to buildings.  We understand each other very well. There are no miscommunications there. 

I have traveled across America quite extensively and have thousands of photos of buildings and such in my portfolio. I plan to eventually use many of them here. But this site is not just about pictures.  I will also be giving you the history of the structure and other pertinent info as I come across it. This is an ongoing project that will grow over time.  Come back often to see what I have added.

This site is still in its infancy stage so don’t be too critical of it just yet. Give it some time to grow. 

One final thing I want you to know is that posts and pages here at the Facade Fanatic are never really finished.  Like Walt Whitman’s Book Leaves of Grass, they will probably be edited long after they the publish date.