My blog at RJsCorner is my home base. I post there almost everyday on things that I have been thinking about. I call it “Having My Say”

In Search Of America

I have traveled across America quite extensively and have thousands of photos in my portfolio. I have used many of them at my blog InSearchOfAmerica. But that site is not just about pictures.  I will also be giving you the history of where I visit and other pertinent info as I come across it. This is an ongoing project that will grow over time. 

Discovering My Spirituality – Red Letter Living

One of my first blogs was about my search for who I am spirituality. Up to the start of this blog I spent one-third of my life as a Catholic, one-third as an agnostic, and another third as a Lutheran but none of them seemed to satisfy my spiritual yearnings. The words of Jesus in the Christian Bible enthralled me. He was such a passionate and emphatic person who I wanted to emulate. But, it just seemed like the two versions of Christianity that I tried seem to put their rules above his words. That troubled me.

The Artsy Side of RJsWorld – My View Of The World

Final Thoughts

One final thing I want you to know is that posts and pages at InSearchOfAmerica and MyView are never really finished.  Like Walt Whitman’s Book Leaves of Grass, they will probably be edited long after the posting date.